Saturday , June 22 2024

The Project for Development of Entrepreneurship

The project is implemented by the non-profit organisation Georgian Business Institute. One of its initiators, organizers and financiers is the First Consulting Company. The idea of ​​the project emerged when the number of free consultations from the First Consulting Company to small and medium entrepreneurs, especially agro-entrepreneurs, exceeded 1,000 per year. Such high demand on free consultations from entrepreneurial society caused consulting devision into two branched: commenrial and non-commercial. took charge of non-commercial activities and The first Consulting Company – commercial activities. You can see the both kind of services implemented by the First Consulting Company (hundreds of business projects from 1998 until today) on the rubric “Services”.

Besides materials placed on the web portal, it is essential for the success of the entrepreneurs to use the individual approach to the particular enterprise and take into consideration the peculiarities of this enterprise. For this purpose, the Georgian Institute of Business offers free consultation to any interested entrepreneur on the following issues: Business Register, DCFTA, Insurance market, export from Georgia, etc.

Services are paid when it is necessary to study specific enterprise and project, plan specific issues, set up a financial model or develop a marketing strategy. In this case the entrepreneur assisted by the specialists of first consulting company can get the following services: Preparing Business Plan, Market Research, etc.

The aim of the joint project of Georgian Business Institute and the First Consulting Company is to facilitate communication between Georgian and foreigner entrepreneurs, also to promote business in Georgia for foreign businesses.

On the web portal there will be integrated into one area the ​​practical information for non-Georgian entrepreneurs: information about Georgia (economic review of Georgia, country profile, …) , Georgia’s economic review, market reviews, information about governmental programs for Promotion Entrepreneurship, legislative regulation of business, etc. – in other words, everything, that is necessary for foreign business owners to do business in Georgia, to cooperate successfully with georgian partners, to minimize entrepreneurial risks, to make right decisions and to make business a high-performance job.



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