Thursday , July 25 2024

Public project of Business Institute of Georgia –

The Purpose of the Project

The aim of the joint project of Georgian Business Institute and the First Consulting Company is to facilitate communication between Georgian and foreigner entrepreneurs, also to promote business in Georgia for foreign businesses.

On the web portal there will be integrated into one area the ​​practical information for non-Georgian entrepreneurs: information about Georgia (economic review of Georgia, country profile, …) , Georgia’s economic review, market reviews, information about governmental programs for Promotion Entrepreneurship, legislative regulation of business, etc. – in other words, everything, that is necessary for foreign business owners to do business in Georgia, to cooperate successfully with georgian partners, to minimize entrepreneurial risks, to make right decisions and to make business a high-performance job.

Due to the great importance of the field, the articles on agro entrepreneurship are in a separate category.

Doing business in Georgia and with Georgia is one of the efficient ways to go to the EU market. That’s why on the webpage you can see the articles about EU regulations of business and  Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Area (DCFTA) requirements of European Union.

In the rubric “Services” you will find the information about the free and paid services, that this project can provide.

Write to us any issue you are interested in, that are related to entrepreneurship and we will definitely publish the desired materials. You can also tell us what business you are interested in, in what field you want to cooperate and which market review you need.  The team of will make a research and publish the results.

Send us your business history, your own interesting ideas and tips that will help other entrepreneurs in their own business activities. We aim to give your opinion to other entrepreneurs and help them to get successful. The interviews with the most interesting authors will be published on our webpage and social networks.



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