Saturday , June 22 2024


Advice Regarding State Programs

Since 2014 the state program “Enterprise Georgia” helps entrepreneurs in financial and infrastructural support in different directions of business. In some of these areas, project promotes entrepreneurs with advice. These directions are: Encouragement of industry Film industry incentive The program “Film in Georgia”  is implemented by Enterprise Georgia, under …

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Market Research

First consulting company systematically conduct research in agricultural sector. Since  2010 more than 100 market research has been conducted in the following sectors: milk products, slaughterhouses, meat products, fruit products, poultry and fish food, wool and wool products, regional agro-media, wine, honey, tea, veterinary service, nut, bay leaf. The timeframes of research are based on the above factors. In most cases it takes 4 weeks or more time, but the exact time is determined after the interview with the customer. Research prices depend on its volume, on the quality of cooperation by the entrepreneur and the market size.

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Preparing Business Plan

Business plan is prepared by The First Consulting Company. This organisation is one of the initiators, organisers and financiers of the project - The cost of compiling the business plan depends on the size of the business plan, the quality of the cooperation from the entrepreneur and business size. Basically prices start from $ 2,500, but the exact price is determined after an interview with the customer. The time required for business plan preparation also depends on the above mentioned factors. In most cases it takes 2 weeks or more.

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