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Advice Regarding State Programs

Since 2014 the state program “Enterprise Georgia” helps entrepreneurs in financial and infrastructural support in different directions of business. In some of these areas, project promotes entrepreneurs with advice. These directions are:

  • Encouragement of industry
  • Film industry incentive

The program “Film in Georgia”  is implemented by Enterprise Georgia, under the Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development in cooperation with the Georgian National Film Centre, part of the Ministry of Culture and Monuments protection of Georgia.

“Film in Georgia” is a newly launched film industry incentive program offering a 20% cash rebate on qualified expenses incurred in Georgia. The program aims to support the development of Georgia’s film industry. An additional rebate of up to 5% is available if a production promotes Georgia as a destination the program’s “Cultural Test.”

  • Hotel industry incentive
Tips we offer

Each of the programs has a specific purpose, terms of financing, restrictions, procedures and a list of required documents. Contact us on email or phone and project staff will tell you if your business idea meets the criteria of the program, inform you of the terms of this program, help you see new opportunities and take you to the steps you need to take in the program.

Performer, prices and terms

The tips are provided by the team of project The advice on the state project “Enterprise Georgia” is free of charge. Getting phone advice does not require a long wait. You will get the answers to the questions sent to the e-mail within a 1 working day.



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